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TEdec Software Maintenance Agreement

Upon purchase of the TEdec Fiduciary Accounting Software, the purchaser will receive the TEdec Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) for one year at no additional cost. The SMA includes:

  • Free telephone support for one year during normal business hours, Monday to Friday 8 AM – 4:30 PM EST
  • Access to TEdec University 24 / 7 to help answer questions concerning data entry; and
  • All technical updates to the software.

TEdec Software Maintenance Agreement

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The TEdec Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) shall thereafter renew for a period of one year upon payment of the renewal fee, of which TEdec will notify the user in writing at least forty-five (45) days prior to the expiration date, unless terminated by either party upon written notice to the other party. Early termination of the TEdec Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) by the purchaser will not result in the refund of any portion of the yearly SMA fee.

TEdec reserves the right to change the TEdec Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) fee once each year effective with the next renewal date, provided that notice is given at least forty-five (45) days prior to any such change.

The TEdec Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) shall terminate immediately upon the last day of the renewal month, if the SMA renewal fee has not been received by TEdec Systems, Inc.

The level of support that TEdec Support can provide is dependent upon the cooperation of the User and the quantity of information that the User can provide.  If TEdec Support cannot reproduce a problem or if the User cannot successfully gather adequate troubleshooting information, then TEdec Support may need temporary login access on the User’s system to identify and address the problem.

TEdec Systems warrants that it will use reasonable efforts to perform the services to conform to generally accepted industry standards, provided that:

  • (a) the software has not been modified, changed, or altered by anyone other than TEdec programmers;
  • (b) the operating environment, including both hardware and systems software, meets TEdec’s recommended specifications;
  • (c) the computer hardware is in good operational order and is installed in a suitable operating environment;
  • (d) User promptly notifies TEdec Systems of its need for service;
  • (e) User provides adequate troubleshooting information and access so that TEdec Support can identify and address problems; and
  • (f) all fees due to TEdec Systems have been paid.


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