TEdec Sample ReportsTEdec Sample Reports

The sample reports are presented to show a few of the capabilities of the numerous Court, Management, and Tax reports which the TEdec System can generate for you.

1. Court Reports are generated on a specific jurisdictional basis.


  1. CA Inventory
  2. NY Formal Accounting
  3. PA Accounting
  4. CA Accounting – Estate
  5. CA Accounting – Trust
  6. FL Accounting Of Personal Representative
  7. Informal Accounting – Nat’l Fiduciary Accounting Standard
  8. NY Article 81 – Annual Inventory and Account

2. Tax Reports

TEdec Bridges to Lacerte® Tax Software and to CCH ProSystems fx Tax Software for preparation of the IRS Forms 706 & 1041.


Estate Tax Returns:

Fiduciary Income Tax Returns:


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