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Our Customers Say It For Us!

“Thank you for your terrific work and fast turn-around time in the Service Bureau. We had a great outcome. I also want to thank Teddar for creating TEdec” – Judy Overholt, Esq. of Overholt Law Office.

“I will say that I have never had a better experience with support and client service than your company provided to us, mostly through Kelly [our staff person].  I will know who to call if we have the need for this kind of software in the future.”  Jim Watson, Sellers Richardson Holman & White LLP, Birmingham, AL.

“I have been using TEdec now in a meaningful way, and I wanted to say I love it! Thank you for being so supportive and helpful to me as I learned the program and completed my first accounting. The attorney loved the work and the presentation. You (at TEdec Support) are wonderful to work with! Lee Kennedy, Grass Valley, CA.”

TEdec has been invaluable to our estate administration practice. Not only does the software provide clear [and] concise report/accountings for informal settlements, it also handles difficult judicial accountings with precision. Moreover, the support staff is available at any time to assist with concerns or unique issues that must be addressed in a timely fashion. I highly recommend the software for any practitioner in the estate or trust field. (emphasis added). Patrick A. Carbonaro, Esq. Auburn, New York 13021.

“I found the TEdec program to be user-friendly. However, more importantly, when I had a question, the support staff was for there for me – they [particularly Lauren] were great to work with they are just a phone call away, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly.” (emphasis added) Stephen L. Packard, Counselor at Law, Member NY, NH & Fl Bars, New York, NY & Edison, NJ.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your staff and the TEdec program. I have been using the [TEdec] program for over a year now and have been elated with it. If I’m unsure, I can go to TEdec University or email or call for help and I always get a timely response. I sent my first accounting to the NYS Attorney General using TEdec and had an approval within the week – it normally takes 4 to 6 weeks, so they obviously like the formatting and ease of reading. I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate TEdec. (Emphasis added). Terri Hogue, Law Offices of Patrick J. Roth, Esq, CPA, Corning, NY.

“As an Estate Paralegal with thirty years’ experience in Rochester, NY, primarily with the Culley, Marks law firm, it is my pleasure to enthusiastically endorse TEdec Systems, Inc., and its TEdec Fiduciary Accounting system. . . We have found TEdec to be an excellent and reliable tool in this practice. Concerning service and software maintenance, TEdec Systems, Inc. has been absolutely FANTASTIC.” (emphasis added) Susan M. Salzman, Estate Paralegal, Culley, Marks, Tanenbaum & Pezzulo, LLP. Rochester, NY.

“It has been my pleasure to be a ten year plus user of the TEdec Fiduciary Accounting System. Over those years I have used [TEdec] to account [for] over 700 estates and to continually account annually for 102 trusts. [TEdec] is cost efficient, yet comprehensive enough to handle even the most diverse situations I have encountered. I have had some exposure to other [fiduciary accounting] systems in my career and have found [TEdec] to be the most user friendly package to date. [TEdec] has been very receptive to the ever changing management techniques of estates and trusts. Kudos to [TEdec] and [its] staff.” (emphasis added) Richard J. Szarowicz, Richard J. Szarowics Accounting, Buffalo, NY.

“When I did not have the time or staff available, I turned to TEdec to prepare some very difficult estate accountings and tax work. Amber and the whole TEdec Team were wonderful to work with – extremely knowledgeable, efficient, meticulously accurate, always available – and so friendly and helpful I would highly recommend them without hesitation.” (emphasis added) Kathryn A. Jackson, Esq., Williamsville, NY.

“…we love TEdec. Over the past few years we have received rave reviews from our clients and accountants concerning TEdec’s clear and concise estate [A]ccounting and [Court] Inventory. [TEdec] is a highly professional program that not only saves time but looks more specialized than the minimal time it takes to enter account information. Especially when you have one estate that pours into another, TEdec saves additional steps and prompts you when more information is needed. From the smallest estate to the largest, we wouldn’t want to administer probate, trust and guardianship proceedings without it! (emphasis added) Samantha Ceron, King Adang & Arpey, Saratoga Springs, NY.

“Neither Geri (a coworker) nor I have an accounting background, but the [TEdec] program proves to be user friendly and if we encounter a problem your staff has proved to be very helpful. The [TEdec training] seminar [we attended] was for beginners and Geri benefited greatly as a novice, but even as one who has used the program for several years, [I] found it be quite informative. We believe that all “new” and even some “old” users should attend a [TEdec training] seminar to fully appreciate the TEdec Fiduciary Accounting System.” (emphasis added) Linda S. Cowan, RL Campbell & Associates, LLP., Clarence, NY. 

“Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how pleased we are with the TEdec windows program. It does a remarkably thorough job of helping us concisely and accurately maintain tax and accounting records for even the most sophisticated of our estates and trusts. . . . The training program you recently conducted for us was extremely beneficial to each of these new users. They have enthusiastically embraced using the (TEdec) program and they now really believe my mantra TEdec is your friend!‘” (emphasis added) Emily M. Herbst, Paralegal, Mackenzie Hughes, Syracuse, NY. 

“[TEdec] is easy to use and I believe very user friendly. Over the years I have found the staff helpful and willing to understand what their clients (users) needs are to continue to improve the program. If you have a problem or question they are always eager to help. They also encourage their clients (users) to give their suggestions on what features would be useful for future editions of the program. I am a very satisfied customer.” (emphasis added) Rebecca A. Riggs, Santa Barbara, California

“I have the TEdec program and it [is] terrific. The support staff walked me through the areas in the instruction booklet that I did not have time to read. It printed out very professional reports for both the court and for the executor and beneficiaries. It was worth the investment.” (emphasis added) Debra Plumer, Esq., Hauppauge, NY

“As a CPA that prepares court accountings, there is finally a product that really acts like an accountant. I have used other programs (Probate Plus and Fiduciary Practice System) but TEdec finally provides a solid double entry bookkeeping method to categorize all the transactions in an accounting. With TEdec journal entry is easily reviewed… [And] the technical support is top notch[;] you speak with individuals that not only know the software but also prepare accountings[;] the help you are given not only helps you manage the software but is practical to your situation.” (emphasis added) Keith Dommreis, CPA, Poughkeepsie, NY.

“TEdec offers us the opportunity to generate time-saving reports at our fingertips, regardless of the size of the estate. All the information is in one location, from tax reporting to Court filings. It has proven to be one of the best and most worthwhile investment in our practice.” (emphasis added) Thomas E. Dietz, Esq., Poughkeepsie, NY.

“I have been working with TEdec for over a year now, and I would like to express how much I love the program. The other day I had to research some information from an old estate that was done on another program. The difference in the accounting made me appreciate TEdec even more. TEdec is not only easy to use, but also easy to read and to understand the accounting. Having TEdec has made my job as a Estate Paralegal much easier, I would highly recommend the program.” (emphasis added) JoAnn Ficarra, Seaman Jones Hogan & Brooks, LLP, Lockport, NY

“I want to thank both of you for all your help. Even though I haven’t attended training for the accounting software, I was able to begin using it with only minor complications. Lauren is always available if I need help, but the book and the program itself are quite helpful too!! I inputted a complete accounting including a real estate sale (which is normally a nightmare) and it worked the first time!!!! I also had no problems inputting loans that my executor made to the estate – it’s about time a program dealt with this!!!! Thank you so much, I look forward to training in May!!!! (emphasis added) Terry L. Hogue, Paralegal to Patrick J. Roth, Corning, NY

“First, I want to thank you for your time, patience, and professionalism in helping me work through a few transactions that I had trouble with. And, second, I want to convey my gratitude to all of you at TEdec, as well as my complete satisfaction with the software itself.
I am a sole practitioner and much of my practice focuses on estates. Theoretically, estate accounting is straightforward. However, after routinely spending, and writing off hours, finding small mathematical errors, and re-entering the same data in different documents, I was growing increasingly frustrated that so much time was being wasted on something so “straightforward.”


One day an invitation to attend a presentation about TEdec arrived after I had just spent hours trying to balance an accounting. I was skeptical that I would really find a solution for a sole practitioner, who is not a computer geek, but since the presentation would take far less time than I had just wasted doing grade school math, I decided to accept the invitation to see if this system could provide any relief. I am so glad I did. Using TEdec has diminished the frustration associated with estate accounting and I am no longer writing off hours or time spent on finding simple math errors and re-entering the same data in different documents.
This software is not only user-friendly to non-geeks, it is so intuitive that learning how to do new functions is actually fun! And, fun is not a word that I had ever used to describe estate accounting before I began using TEdec. Supplementing this excellent software program, is a team of people who are only a phone call away and who actually provide accurate, courteous, and timely assistance when you call the Helpline. I could not be happier being a customer. Thanks again to all of you.” (emphasis added) Pamela A. Moore, Esq., Rochester, NY

I want to thank you for the professional services TEdec Systems, Inc. Has performed for my firm. As an estate administration attorney and Certified Public Accountant, TEdec has proven invaluable in my practice.

Moreover, with respect to other providers that I have used prior to TEdec, I have found TEdec the most cost efficient and user friendly.

The staff at TEdec is incredible, as a CPA I have found that [TEdec] staff fully comprehends how transactions are to be classified and they readily reconcile the accounts for complex estates of decedent’s who had a wide variety of asset.

The periodic newsletters and e-mails TEdec provides to its users regarding accountings and ancillary matters are quite valuable. Moreover, I have found TEdec readily open to discuss edits to the program for unusual transactions.

In sum, I am very glad to have found TEdec. I would be happy to discuss TEdec and its capabilities with any prospective clients. (emphasis added) Eugene J. Riordan, White Plains, NY.

“When it comes to estate and trust accountings, TEdec is tops. It is like having a full department at your disposal, but [do] not have to pay for it until you need it.

TEdec has helped me immeasurable in running my specialized practice in trusts and estates. I can assign my accountings to [TEdec] with the knowledge that they will be properly done, at [a] reasonable cost.

Frankly, I hate to do accountings because the work is tedious and they never balance. Your service has freed me to do better things in the areas which I find more productive. (emphasis added) Frank D. Scharf, J.D., New York, NY.


“I have been very satisfied with your software and your Company’s expertise. When I contacted TEdec . . . your response was most prompt. Your pricing was competitive and you offered extensive technical support.

“As you know, Trust Accounting is very different from accounting for business enterprises for which most accountants are familiar. With the help of your well-designed software and expert technical support, I was able to perform my trustee duties in a competent manner. Thank you for helping me to be so successful for such an important aspect of my practice!” (Emphasis added). Domenic R.Jafolla, Jr., CPA, New Jersey.

“As far as I am concerned, I always recommend you whenever I can. I am very happy with your services.” Frank D. Scharf, JD, New York, New York 10016.

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