TEdec Fiduciary Accounting Outsourcing

TEdec Service Bureau Let TEdec Work For You! Fiduciary Accounting • Trust & Estate Accountings • Data Entry • Court Inventories Bogged down with historical reconstruction? Burdened by the preparation of accountings and tax returns? Running out of time? Send your trust and estate administration requirements to TEdec. When you outsource your fiduciary tax and accounting matters to TEdec Service Bureau, you step into the world of smarter, more profitable administration of trusts and estates. TEdec Service Bureau will provide you with on time, accurate and cost-effective fiduciary accountings to support your professional role with your clients.

“When I didn’t have the time or staff available, I turned to TEdec to prepare some very difficult estate accountings and tax work. Amber and the whole TEdec Team were wonderful to work with – extremely knowledgeable, efficient, meticulously accurate, always available – and so friendly and helpful – I would highly recommend them without hesitation.” — Kathryn A. Jackson, Attorney-at-Law, Williamsville, NY

Expand your trust & estate administration service without taxing your resources. Leverage our services for the growth of your practice. Let our staff empower your firm to offer your clients full-service fiduciary accounting and administration without having to support complex “back-office” operations.

  • Transform your practice into a “full-service” firm
  • Save Money: Reduce accounting costs by 35 to 50%
  • No need to hire and train employees
  • Free up time for your most profitable and productive work
  • Eliminate costly mistakes
  • Use TEdec “as needed” – Pay only for the services you use
  • Receive personal, one-on-one attention from our staff
  • Give your clients superior customer service

TEdec Service Bureau delivers top quality, error-free accountings on time, every time. Our accomplished staff and state of the art system will work as your secure, expert back office. Learn More: Call us toll-free at 716.938.9137. Draw on TEdec’s over 35 years of experience with trust and estate administration. Fiduciary accounting is our focus and expertise. The experienced professionals on our fiduciary team establish lasting relationships with you and your staff—relationships based on trust and confidence. Because we are experienced fiduciary accountants, we respect the importance of protecting client records. Accountings are kept strictly confidential. TEdec Outsourcing Services

  • Court inventories
  • Preparation of estate and trust accountings: Formal or Informal
  • Releases
  • All compliant with the official forms for: NY, PA, NC, FL, CA & National Fiduciary Accounting Standard.
 *Lacerte® is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

The TEdec Service Bureau Guarantee:

  • Guaranteed secure servers
  • Guaranteed secure file transfer
  • Guaranteed secure 24/7 back up
  • Prompt, professional service

How Outsourcing to TEdec Works: Our priority is to process transactions according to your unique specifications. You control and determine what services can be most effectively handled by TEdec Service Bureau. You send us: Copies of financial records. We send you: Complete printed reports and accountings – or – ZIP file for TEdec Users – you print reports and accountings. Please view details about TEdec Service Bureau below:

Questions? Please contact TEdec about fiduciary accounting outsourcing today. We are available to consult with you at your convenience. Please call 716.938.9137 or email us.

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