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TEdec - Celebrating 30 Years
TEdec User Services
TEdec University
TEdec University includes video recordings of "How To" enter transactions into the TEdec System for specific assets (i.e. bond, stocks, etc.), account types (i.e. Income Asset Accounts, Other etc.) and specific functions (i.e. Alternate Valuation).   More...
TEdec Service Bureau
Let us show you how to reduce costs and increase profits.   More...


TEdec Brochure


TEdec Professional Fiduciary Accounting Software Brochure


1. Powerful and full featured
Court Inventory
Formal/Informal accountings
Schedules to the estate tax return
Line item schedules to the fiduciary income tax return
Property management reports
On Line security valuation
2. Easy to setup and use,
while intuitive to operate
Setup in 5 minutes or less
Point & shoot menu
Standardized descriptions
Automatically pre-codes transactions
Easy to change data
3. Does not involve a steep learning curve
Learn TEdec in less than 8 hours with our TEdec Self Paced Tutorial
4. Places smaller firms on the same competitive footing as larger firms
Save 50% or more of your administration time on T&E Cases!
Allocate your resources effectively!

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